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Are you an animal lover looking for your next keyboard warmer? We may have the right furbaby for you!

Fostering an animal


John Cotton Memorial Animal Shelter has a demand for foster families. Fostering an  animal is not only a benefit for our many animals, but also for you!



John Cotton Memorial Animal Shelter thrives on donations, if you would like, fill out the form and email it to us!

Colony Identification

Colony Caregiver Identification

Feral Cat Colony Identification Form



Do you love to spend time and volunteer with animals? Fill out our form!

John Cotton Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Check out John Cotton Memorial Animal Shelter! An exciting Facebook page full of many updates including recent rescues, photographs, and animals.



To surrender an animal, fill out this form

Colony Sponsoring

Colony Sponsor

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
Sponsor Application

Round up program

Round UP

Would you like to donate to the John Cotton Memorial Animal Shelter?

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If you are calling after regular scheduled times, please fill out this form and the Animal Control Officer should assist you shortly


Release to Rescue

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Release  to Owner

Release to Owner

Additional comments, questions, or concerns?

You can get a hold of our animal control officer by email or phone.

 (573) 754-2317